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  • 2016 Queest

    Nissan’s Quest for 2015 was ranked as “the Highest In Initial Quality” by J.D. Power for minivans. The engineers at Nissan are certainly not strangers to “best of” and “tops” for all types of their vehicles and achievements. They did what they always do like some of the world’s brightest and most creative team of designers and added just enough spice to the 2016 Nissan Quest to make it “bestest.” How can it not be with all of the bells and whistles that leave other companies scratching their heads and wondering if that was “a train or a bus” that just ran over their significantly inferior group of “also ran.” Nissan continues their mission to outperform those who sometimes fancy themselves as “competition” and their quest is coincidentally achieved by the 2016 Nissan Quest. New owners of the latest Quest are enjoying V6 power, smoothness, and performance of an EPA rated 27 mpg highway and 20 mpg in the city while other van-making companies are trying to decide if their technology was overpowered by “a locomotive or greyhound.”

    For the Record it Was Officially A Train:

    Here is a little secret about the question asked by the competition – the Quest was inspired by the super high-speed trains. That’s right, while every other company is trying to harness the technology of vans Nissan wrestled down the innovation behind the fastest moving trains. No wonder the poor excuse for competition felt like it was a train because it was that precise technology advantage which left other minivan models seeming flatter than a pancake. Nissan’s new Quest leaped over them in customer satisfaction like an Olympic hurdler, one after the other with so much grace and ease that they might feel it for several model years to come. Since the 2016 version is relentless and chock-full of pure “awesomeness” the engineers at Nissan are rolling with full steam ahead. To get back on track, literally on track, the train technology with “rear wraparound” glass is one of the distinctions that caused the Quest to best the others. Because of the “dipping side” an effect is created which has the Nissan Quest appear as if it is moving while it is parked. Flush-mounted headlights are coupled with fog lights for an expression of freshness and originality that quickly makes friends with the assertive grille.

    Why Not Bring the Elegant Look and Feel of a Living Room Along:

    Since the 2016 Quest is designed to make your family feel comfortable and at home why not take along the features that make your home feel comfy? Let’s start with the spacious interior, let’s add some stylish chrome accents, throw in some carefully-crafted wood tone trim and leather-appointed seats which are as comfortable as that favorite spot on the couch that everyone fights over and “presto.” No rabbits were made to feel uncomfortable or removed from magic hats during the making of the 2016 Nissan Quest, and no harm resulted, however, what happened next was remarkable. Imagine if your living room at home had a ceiling which opened up and every member of the family had an unobstructed view of the sky and all of the amazing surroundings of nature. Now, take that same clear picture along to all corners of our great nation and experience it in spectacular fashion with a dual opening glass moon-roof that wonderment it gives to every member of your family. That is the type of view that you work hard for every day, one that your home team deserves.

    One Extra Benefit You can Get that Is not Possible at Home:

    Inside the cabin, the engineering employs smart acoustics to provide the ultimate quiet ride and perfect sound-friendly listening experience for the top of the line audio system which can range all the way up to the Bose multi-speaker masterpiece. Fresh and crisp navigation and hands-free everything adds to the delight of maneuvering your family through any challenging situation ranging from a gang of surly soccer practice-goers to just a trip with the “fam” to catch the latest box-office smash. Warning: all of those who enter will want to come back, and you can expect that if you continue to unlock those influence-able senses and construct that perfect riding atmosphere, they will return again and again. In other words when it comes to their perception for the “ride of dreams,” if you build it – they will come. Minivans are the very foundation on which our great nation was built. OK, we will stop with the double serving of patriotism. However, there is one great “ace in the hole,” “trick up your sleeve” feature that you have in the 2016 Nissan Quest that you can’t get at home. Those three magic words which have no place in the everyday hustle we call life at home. That trio that tells your children “I love you” with even more tenderness than you thought possible – the majesty of the phrase “quiet, I’m driving.” Yes! The Quest may be your only safe space that you hear so much about at campuses all across the country – savor the power!. You’re living the life one turn at a time, and you got some Disney on wheels going on.

    Caution: Adult Subject Matter:

    Let’s be honest and speak openly, the “fatigue reducing seats” that are carefully designed by the smartest engineers that you will ever run across at any “family fun game night” may or may not have been thoroughly thought out in conceptualization. We are adults, and we understand that we need to be invigorated by seats while we are driving. The others, those we call children whom we love more dearly than life itself can sometimes show up on the battlefield of a long trip wearing more “war paint” in the form of attitude than any famed warrior in the lore of legendary tribes long past. There is the LATCH System with lower anchors and tethers for children and unique child-seat compatibility, and that part makes the transition easy, but when those brave “noise warriors” are in full assault mode, it may well be that “fatigue reducing” technology which quickly becomes the enemy. There is no official stance on this situation from Nissan; however moms and dads on the design team seem to come to the conclusion that “being brave and powering through it” will ultimately achieve the best results.

    Engineering With Your Home Team In Mind:

    Nissan, as always has your back when it comes to safety and features like Blind Spot Warning that chimes out alerts to help realize that one driver who seems to enjoy their daily commute more thoroughly by traveling in the one single spot where other motorists can’t see them. Moving Object Detection keeps an eye out for the neighbor’s cat and others who might wander into an area too close for comfort either at the grocery or the driveway. The detection system locates movement surrounding the vehicle and alerts the driver. Airbags are more plentiful than decorator pillows at your grandparent’s house with 6 of them to watch over your home team from the front, side and top. With Zone Body construction the 2016 Nissan Quest is built with technology and materials specially formatted to absorb “crash energy” and redistribute it in particular regions to be “crumpled” in areas away from the passengers to reduce injuries during an impact. The technology is like the watchful eye of every mom and dad who helps build and design the Quest minivan reaching out their arm through technology to absorb the blows of impact for every child’s safety. Nissan means what they say when they talk about having your back and when works head home at the end of the day they become concerned parents just like you.

    100 Year of Rehersals:

    With over a century of building cars since 1914, Nissan has put together more than enough hours of practice to deliver the perfect minivan for your family. With the best in safety, comfort, performance and value in mind, those proud members of the Nissan team welcome each new member into the Nissan Quest family of satisfied owners.


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