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  • 2016 Versa

    When Nissan Versa rolled out for 2016, there was much talk from the experts. It seemed that both the sedan version and the Note, recognized as a mini multi-purpose vehicle were the real deals based on educational acclaim. Kelley Blue Book’s top 10 Back to School Cars for 2016, Top Ten Tech-savviest Cars Under $20,000 in 2015 and AutoTrader Best Car For Recent College Graduates all were acclaims that recognized the Nissan Versa as a smash in the world of “Academia.” Versa continues to be America’s top-selling vehicle in its class according to Automotive Polk U.S. New Vehicle Registrations. Both the Subcompact Car Class Winner and 5 Year Cost to Own Winner were also snagged from Kelley Blue Book by the 2016 Versa. Simply put, it is just an amazing car for value and performance, and the “smart money” awards keep rolling in. With an EPA of 36 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg city and up to 400 miles between fill ups, the feisty 109 horses seem to run with just the right equation for the perfect amount of zip at efficiency squared. No wonder all of the educationally-minded categories have been touting the 2016 Versa as “back to school special” since day one. Let’s be honest it is nice for the engineers at Nissan to be recognized by those knowledge-minded car groups. The group consists of some of the most brilliant and creative auto design minds in the world the Versa team graduated top in their class with more ease than those veteran Gold Medalists who just keep cranking out victories each time the world’s best gather. It is those genius minds which have given back in the form of the Versa far more than many of the most benevolent humanitarians. This team developed the car that has more people buying it than all others in the same division – because of the value and that says it all.

    Versa – The Way Things Should Work:

    It has been many decades in the U.S. since car buyers were able to afford a brand new car as the sign that they had made it by landing that first job after cracking the books for years. For many years the economy has been handing out bad-beats instead of winning hands to America’s brightest new members of the workforce in the form of underemployment and the lack of high paying jobs in general. Thanks to Nissan’s family of employees the Versa remains as a shining example of how a company can help restore a sense of balance by going above and beyond to deliver a fantastic option for new car ownership for the price point customarily associated with a “decent used car.” Nothing speaks reward louder than that first brand new car other than that first brand new car which is absolutely “BAD-Censored.” That may not be one of the subjects covered in class, but that’s the bottom line. Nissan rocks and the Versa Kicks butt and takes names in performance, value, reliability and just plain “awesomeness.” The Versa for 2016 is a throwback to the old idea that when an automaker believes in its youth enough to sacrifice profits and put them in a vehicle to start them out in life with something that they deserve at a price well within their reach then they have created a customer for life. Loyalty has always been a two-way street between manufacturers and consumers, but few companies like Nissan have kept paying attention to the way things are supposed to work.

    Choices to Fit Who You Are:

    The sedan is a sleek looking four door with a traditional trunk and serves as the role model for those companies which might have had an idea that they could pose a little competition for America’s top seller for about a minute. Versa is a real performer well above its price range in talent. Features that are carefully styled with attention to detail and design excellence prepare the new Nissan owners for the type of spoiling they can expect as they trade upward through their offering of models during the next several years. Nissan Versa is the kind of car that owners love so much they want to keep it in the family for the next generation of drivers. For many of you, this might not be your first Nissan because owners tend to pass the most valued possessions down through the years and for you welcome to your first new Nissan in the 2016 Versa. Many of you who are our future leaders will pass these keys on and play it forward in the same way it has been practiced since Nissan made the first cars back in 1914. Now that’s tradition. Note to self, congratulations you have earned it with your choice of the 2016 Nissan Versa “Note” the ultimate multi-purpose vehicle with four doors and a conveniently opening back for storage and style. Now for the disclaimer, be prepared to be the one chosen to drive on most of the trips because your friends are going to love the feel of the one-of-a-kind personality of your new ride. That favorite pet owned within your circle of friends that everyone knows and loves like a mascot has nothing on the bond that your “buddies” or “besties” are going to have with your car. You may as well get used to the fact that your days of being the occasional “passenger” are pretty much over, unless you decide to let your friends drive your new Note while you enjoy the lesser responsibility of kicking back on the front passenger side. Prepare yourself for a jolt in your personal life that throws you forward in popularity at least even and probably ahead of your group members who have the best high-tech TVs.

    The Double Major:

    Nissan Versa not only is the first in its class but has earned dual degrees in both safety and performance. With all of the Nissan technology of hands-free everything. NISSANCONNECT can allow voice-activated talking texting and posting to social media to help keep you connected. With features like fold-down seats for extra storage, lots of legroom and USB connection ports to plug into and merge your favorite devices into the “infotainment” that is system second to none for versatility in everything from Navigation to telling you everything that is happening inside and outside. Seating for five with enough room to stretch your legs a bit. Imagine just about any option in convenience and performance and Nissan has it, so get used to cutting edge innovation that Nissan owners have learned to appreciate and expect. The smart design was put into a feature known as Zone-Body construction where technology and uniquely formatted materials combine to create “crash energy” absorption and redistribution techniques that pull energy from impacts away from passengers and fold up “crumple areas” in the safest sections of the vehicle to minimize injuries. LATCH technology for child seating safety and multiple features like Vehicle Dynamic Control and the Traction Control System offer protection for maintaining control during braking and driving emergency situations. The Nissan Versa is as flexible and individual in preference as those behind the wheel who are proud to create their first new car experience one state of the art feature at a time.

    Making the Grade:

    As previously mentioned Nissan has been living the classroom life of learning through experience in the auto industry for more than a century. Recognized as a leader in about every possible measurement Nissan continues to improve by introducing best in class options like the Versa and many other models year after year. It is no wonder the 2016 Nissan Versa is the top seller in its class in America. Nissan has always studied longer and worked harder than everyone else and just like this latest class of happy Versa owners it eventually pays off.


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